Dirty Linen

Airing your dirty linen in public, as the saying goes, is not the done thing. It's embarrassing forcing your base thoughts and secrets on passers-by, and it's fuel-to-
the-fire for neighbourhood gossips. But getting rid of the dirty odour is surely the
priority. It's healthy and can be cathartic. Better to clear the air than let it fester, thats what I say. And if everyone else knows about it, so what? The more the merrier. Let
them gossip amongst themselves! My sheets maybe filthy, but I bet they've seen more action than YOURS!!!


Solo Exhibitions:

2018 Kunst Gallery Belper, Derbyshire

2017 Dirty Linen, Sluice Projects, London

2009 Misfits, The Gooden Gallery, London

2009 The Solo Project, The Gooden Gallery, Basel, Switzerland


Group Exhibitions:

2019 This Years Model II, Studio 1.1, London, February 8 - March 9

2018 Niina Lehtonen Braun & Paul Cole, Sluice Projects, Exchange Berlin, Berlin

2018 A Caroming, Centre For Recent Drawing, London

2016 The Names, Transition Gallery, London

2015 Skim, ASC Gallery, London

DOLPH – The Directors, London

2014 Sluice__Auction, The Hospital Club. London

2013 Creekside Open 2013 Selected by Paul Noble. APT Gallery, London

2010 Sluice Art Fair Auction, Hamni Gallery. London

Icons: Charity Auction for St Joseph’s Hospice. London

2009 ROMA / The Road to Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy

2007 Plastic Pets & Toy Stories, VINEspace, London

Punk, Rota Flora, Hamburg, Germany

Punk, Ada Street Gallery, London

2006 Summer Show, Fosterart, London

Front Art, No More Grey, London

01 for London, Deutsche Bank, London

Painting to Music, The Music Rooms, London


Publications / Reviews

Recommended London Show, Paul Carey Kent (Sept 2017)

CCQ online review of The Directors (Oct 2015)

a-n Online Review of The Directors (Oct 2015)

The Solo Project, Basle, Switzerland p82-83 (June 2009)

Punk; A directory of Modern Subversive Culture. Edited by James Bradshaw (2007)

June, a-n Magazine & Front Cover Image (2006)


DOLPH is a not-for-profit visual arts project run by Paul Cole and Natasha Kahn, in Streatham Hill, south London. We put on six exhibitions a year focusing on the stuff that drives an artist's practice and the context in which work is made.

For more information visit: DOLPHprojects.com 

Paul Cole
For more information visit: DOLPHprojects.com